So I've basically given up on this blog which is unnecessarily cruel. All it did was give me the attention I craved, but clearly didn't deserve. I'm sorry, baby!

My last few months have been busy with me growing as a person SO MUCH. No, not physically, unfortunately.*

I've been hustlin', I've worked a very very crappy retail job and I just finished a 3 month unpaid internship at  an online company. Who then offered me a paid position, which I'll be trained in and hopefully be made permanent. GO ME! My label has not fared so well, in fact, it is completely on the back burner until I have more experience and capital under my belt.

 I feel like the reason my attempts at starting up last year failed was because my heart wasn't fully in it. I honestly believe that when I'm passionate about something, I give it my all and go all in. It consumes me to the point of insanity...I just want it to work you, know? When I love, I love HARD. Wait, what was this blog post about again?

To 2014 and more posts**


*I fully accept and embrace my shortness. Short Power!
**ORIGINAL content, I  have so much plans

Song of the Month: October 2013

Okay, four different songs this month. Don't even ask why, just go with it, maann.

A beautiful cover of Grimes' Oblivion by Wilsen.


I can't explain how much I love this Drake cover.

UHM. I couldn't look away.
Panic! At The Disco's new album is actually really good. And I'm not even 16!


throwback thursday: 1998

So since #throwbackthursday* is still a thing, I figured I would incorporate it into this blog. Because this is my blog and I can post whatever I feel like. Na na nana naaa.

And as I'm mostly posting songs on this blog, I figured I may as well add music to this mix, as well as a healthy dose of other popular things at the time and what I was doing with my life. No photos of myself because as I get older, my pictures get more terrifying**. No joke.

So without further ado, I give you...



the best pinterest board in existence

My Imaginary Well-Dressed Toddler Daughter

this made me cry-laugh. and also made me wish that I was as stylish as these kids are.

When Quinoa wants volume, she doesn't just tease her hair, she relentlessly bullies it.

 Quinoa always keeps a spare "urban outfit" in my purse in the event we're going to be around a lot of chain link fencing.

Everything went fine at Quinoa's playdate with Booker until she realized that when he said he loved vinyl, he meant jackets not vintage records.

 When Quinoa needs to go to the bathroom, she really doesn't want to hear any more about Humboldt's designer Legos.

One time when Quinoa and I got separated in a busy train station, she thankfully remembered our safety training: stay in one place, look spectacular, and don't talk to poor people.

Mary had a little lamb, but Quinoa has a better little lamb. And better hair accessories. And more friends. Who's calling the shots now, huh, Mary?

Sometimes when Quinoa is particularly well-dressed, she begins to levitate.

 Know what really gets Quinoa down in the dumps? Pleather.

Quinoa loves her friend Hugo, but wishes that he didn't try quite so hard.

I sent Quinoa to a sleepover one night and she returned the next day wearing her pillowcase as a modern frock. Silly girl!

 When I asked Quinoa what was on the horizon, she stared at it and said, "Chambray."

I told Quinoa her shoes were like art, so she hung them on the wall.

Quinoa and her BFF Chevron were so excited to attend their first PETA rally. They worked on their coordinating outfits for weeks.

 Quinoa had no use for Hampton and Dolce once she realized they had just been using her for her lollipops.

When out in public with Quinoa, I can hear the sound of hipster ovaries swelling with want.


Do you KNOW how hard it is to just choose a few? Do you?

Negative Space by Tang Yau Hoong

this one is my favourite. 

song of the month: june 2013

Winter Gloves - Strange Love

title appropriate? ha!

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